Sunday, 14 October 2012

Clean up

No mani, just pictures of my stashhh! We went to Ikea (<3) last weekend and bought three Ribba's.
My Geek thought that was 2 plus 1 spare and that I was joking when I said I probably needed four now, five by the end of the year. Bahaha!

Anyway, he got to putting them up straight away and I got to filling them (sorted by colour and one for 'other' ie topcoat, base coat, crackles, glitters). And get this: they are in the living room! Ha! I'm so happy <3
I don't like the much-favoured Helmers for the simple reason that I want to see my polish. I love to just look at them and pick a colour (or two, or three...). You might say 'just wait till you have enough polishes to fill a Helmer' but you'd be surprised at how many polishes these three Ribba's hold right now! Last count was 200, but I haven't counted in weeks. This is a tactical decision, ignorance is bliss ;-)

Work in progress

These two... cupboards? Racks? Were originally upright next to each other with some space in between. My polishes were on top of the right in one big heap and I am juuuust too short to see the polishes at the back.
So we turned one of them on its side and voilĂ , plenty of room for polish!

I was going to take this as an opportunity to throw out some polishes that I knew had gone gooey. I ended up throwing out only Rimmel Coralicious and Essence Cool and the Gang. Man, I loved them both but they were three years old by now and had gone gloopy. *sad face* I was especially hesitant to chuck Cool and the Gang as Essence have since changed their entire series. Oh well. I wanted to go out and replace Coralicious, but then I remembered I'm on a no-buy =(

Adding a filter, look at how artistic I am

You can just see my mini editions at the bottom here (OPI Spiderman, OPI Outrageous Neons, Urban Decay Summer of Love, a crackle set).

Yeah, another filter, just because! ;-)
So far I'm loving it, and even my Geek has said it's an improvement to the room =) So, it's a keeper!

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