Thursday, 18 October 2012

Holographic Hero

Bad news. I broke my no-buy pledge =( I had come so far! I am actually quite ashamed, too.

But the thing is, I had to go to the drugstore for hairproduct, and managed to stay away from all the polishes. Except for one brand. A brand I always check, just to see if they have any holo polishes. And *GASP*! This time, they did! So I just couldn't take the risk and not buy it. And although I am so bummed that I didn't pull through my no-buy, I am thrilled to finally have this polish.

So, here it is. The Polish That Broke Me: 

GOSH 549 Holographic Hero

Gosh 549, Holographic Hero.


It's so mesmerizing. I keep staring at my nails. It's almost impossible to photograph, this blurry picture captured the effect best.

Before clean up, oops!
I combined it with a nameless Dutch brand (Hema) polish and I'm quite happy with the effect. Will take more/proper pics tonight and post.

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