Monday, 31 December 2012


Yay! Have you missed me? I missed blogging and interacting with fellow nail art lovers! Happy to be back posting on the last day of 2012 =)

I hope everybody had a great Christmas (or any other holiday, if you don't celebrate Christmas =)) I am sure a lot of mail-related gifts were exchanged ;-)

Me, I got two Essies which I will swatch soon altough they are from a previous collection.
I got my younger sister a drop of The Man with The Golden Gun, which I put into an empty clear mini polish bottle that took ages to get completely clean. I'm not sure if she loved it, but I'm sure she liked it.

The vacation was great. As always =) The only drama was that my Kindle broke the very first day! I'm heartbroken. Really. It worked on the plane, it worked in the room, and when I woke it from standby on the beach, the top half remained frozen and only the bottom part woke =(

Please ignore my book collection...
I've had it since November 22, 2009 so I can't really complain but I'm just so sad =( Plus it happening on the first day was a real bummer. I love nothing more than reading on the beach. My Geek said he'd get me a new one for Christmas, so I'm checking which Kindle would be a good replacement. I'm thinking either Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite 3G.

I decided very last minute to keep my finger nails bare for the entire two weeks. I had been suffering some breaking and chipping so I thought I'd give my nails some time to recuperate. And it more than paid off when a lady on the beach said 'my favourite nail style is what you have, Fench manicure' and was blown away when I told her my nails were 'au natural' =D

I did do my mother's nails a couple of times so I will post those. Rather than doing one massive post, I'll be splitting my holiday-things into a couple of smaller (uh-huh) posts. My big discovery was an Egyptian polish brand named Cybele, so I will be writing about that soon!

To end this post, do any of you ever check your stats? I was just now checking them and came across this gem:
Gotta love Google Analytics
I'm just thinking of reasons a person would have to Google 'lazy Disney characters' and then click on my link! It's hilarious.

Anyway. That's it for this year folks! Hope to see you all in 2013. Have a fantastic NYE, whatever you're doing =)

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