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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

GA Suze: Silver Lining

A new mani by Suze! It's been a while.

Silver Lining
This is a freehand striped mani. Freehand! I wouldn't even be able doing this using tape I'm afraid.

I really love how clear the silver is over that dark purple. Impressive! I'm pretty sure I have Silver Surfer myself, will have to try it again soon!

Suze used: Rimmel 610 Pompous, Gosh 541 Gasoline, Essence Nail Art Silver Surfer, Essence top coat

Friday, 17 August 2012

GA Suze: Summer in my Backyard

Another mani by Suze. She is spending summer in her garden, swimming with my b-i-l and nephew. Inspired by the lovely colours and the sunshine, she made this bright mani.

No, the beads were not coloured with the polish ;-)
I used these colours

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Guest Post: Lovely Lilac

GA Suze: I love purple, it's that simple!

Luckily purple comes in many shades and mixes! Inspired by a lovely bush in the garden, I bought Essence Colour³ of "midnight date" with "city that never sleeps". Colour³ is a combination of two polishes, that can be used either seperately or combined (this being the third option, and explains the ³ in the name). 

I first tried two layers of midnight date and two layers of city that never sleeps. I was rather disappointed with the lack of shimmering in the dark blue and the lack of green sparkles in the purple top layers.
Sorry, no cuticle clean-up =(

Noooo, don 't crush the flower!
So off it went!

I pulled out my Etos Silver special effects nail polish, two layers as a base coat for the shimmer as the city that never sleeps is a transparent purple colour. Straight away I noticed I would need two layers to get a deeper purple. And although the green sparkles are still hardly visible, I love the glimmer effect and the shining purple! Look at how perfectly purple it turned out! Exactly like my lovely purple flowered bush! In real-life there is no VNL, that's -luckily- just an illusion in the picture :-)

I used: Etos Silver special effects, Essence Colour³ City that never sleeps

Comments by Fabby: I personally quite like the first mani. And looking at the bottle, there seem to be plenty of green glitters... I will have to steal this polish and see if I can get other results!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Guest Post: Mermaid Fest

Yippie, my first guest author! Please welcome my lovely sister aka Mummy of my darling Nephew <3 =)

Thank you Fabby for the honour to guest blog on your Nailed It blog! I have a thing with purple, white sparkly & shiny polishes. So my collection is a wide variety of shades of the above. However since I discovered Bourjois Metallic Turquoise eyepencils, I have found a "new blue"! I couldn't resist and went on a hunt for shiny turquoise & pale blue, including sparkles of course. Never thought I'd end up buying 2 Essie nail polishes simultaneously!

At home I sat in the sun and let the sparkle fest begin! In holiday spirit I decided to start with Essie Beach Bum Blue, added a layer of silver effects to give it extra shine!

Don't you just want to go for a swim?

They almost glow in sunlight <3
Compared to my toe nails, it really shows how the silver transforms the layer below.

To top it off I added 1 layer of Glorious Aquarius glitters (silver and turquoise) and a top coat to smoothen it up. It looks so awesome in the sun! The polishes play with the sun, appearing to change colours depending on the angle you look at it. I definitely
found another favourite colour combination!

Wow Suze, this looks like a winner =) Easy to do but it looks so... almost magical. I might just try this for my French Riviera holiday =) Thank you for the inspiring guest post!

Suze used: Essie Beach Bum Blue, Essie Glorious Aquarius